Western blot analyses of insulin stimulated and basal tissue.

<p>Protein phosphorylation analyses of Akt and AMPK levels were performed on protein extracted from insulin stimulated (<b>a</b>) gonadal adipose tissue, (<b>b</b>) gastrocnemius muscle, (<b>c</b>) liver in insulin stimulated liver of 6 month-old male wildtype (WT) and aromatase knockout (KO) and 2.5 µg/day estrogen-replaced KO (KOE) mice. Expression data from 6–8 samples per genotype are shown, and presented from replicate analysis as the mean ± SD. <i>*p&lt;0.05, **p&lt;0.01, ***p&lt;0.001</i> versus expression in age-matched WT samples and <i><sup>#</sup>p&lt;0.05, <sup>###</sup>p&lt;0.001</i> versus KO samples.</p>