Validation of protein expression changes with different technologies.

(a) Heatmap showing the log fold change values (in S5 Data) of proteins and mRNA DE in Th17 and iTreg cells in comparison with Th0 cells and Th17 compared with iTreg cells. (b) Flow cytometry analysis demonstrating the expression of surface molecules CD69 and CD101 in murine Th0, iTreg, and Th17 cells. One replicate is shown. (c) Immunoblot analysis of DE proteins in iTreg and Th17 cells compared to Th0 cells. Representative blots from 2–3 independent experiments are shown. DE, differentially expressed; ENO3, enolase 3; FOXO1, forkhead box O1; iTreg, induced regulatory T; NFATC2, nuclear factor of activated T cells 2; PSMB5, proteasome subunit beta 5; SMYD3, SET and MYND domain containing 3; Th0, T cell receptor–activated helper T; Th17, T helper 17; Thp, naïve CD4+ T; VIM, vimentin.