Unusually high coral recruitment during the 2016 El Niño in Mo’orea, French Polynesia - Fig 1

2017-10-10T17:27:40Z (GMT) by Peter J. Edmunds

Map of Mo’orea showing Richard B Gump South Pacific Research Station (triangle) and locations of settlement tile deployments (crosses) in the back reef (1–10 and A-C at 1–2-m depth) and outer reef (1–10 at 10-m depth) relative to the long-term study sites (LTER 1 and 2) of the Mo’orea Coral Reef LTER. * = sites at which settlement tiles (n = 15 site-1) have been deployed since as early as 2005 and are replaced in about January and August; all other sites had ≈ 10 tiles site-1 deployed from January 2016 –August 2016 and August 2016 –January 2017. The outer reef was photographically sampled at 10-m depth at Site 3* and 8* from 2005–2016, and seawater temperature was recorded at 1.5-m depth at Site B*.