Undisturbed run with default model parameters (Table A in S1 File).

2017-11-21T18:43:47Z (GMT) by Thomas Schmickl Istvan Karsai
<p>A: dynamics of task groups and open brood: nectar foragers (black solid line), pollen foragers (gray solid line), inactive foragers (dotted line) and open brood items (dashed line). B: dynamics of the fraction of pollen foragers calculated as F<sub>pollen</sub>(t)/(F<sub>pollen</sub>(t)+F<sub>nectar</sub>(t)+1). C: dynamics of pollen stores (gray solid line), nectar stores (solid black line) and sum of open and capped brood (dashed line). D: dynamics of the common stomach saturation: Ω(t) (gray solid line) and Φ(t) (black solid line).</p>