Transcriptome analysis of primitive CML CD34<sup>+</sup>CD38<sup>low</sup> hematopoietic cells expressing low or high AHR expression.

<p>A: Boxplot of AHR gene expression in CD34<sup>+</sup>CD38<sup>low</sup> cells from CML patients (2 subgroups of patients: AHR-low and AHR-high) in comparison of CD34<sup>+</sup>CD38<sup>low</sup> cells from healthy donors (HD), p-values were calculated by comparing sample groups two by two with 2 sided Student t test and Welch correction; B: Heatmap of the predictive gene expression profile between the 2 CML patients subgroups (AHR-dependent: AHR-low and AHR-high) in CD34<sup>+</sup>CD38<sup>low</sup> hematopoietic compartment (352 genes) (unsupervised classification was performed with Pearson distances and average linkage); C: Functional enrichment histogram of predictive expression profile correlated to AHR expression in CD34<sup>+</sup>CD38<sup>low</sup> cells from CML patients; Biological Process from Gene Ontology database was used to perform the enrichment (red bars represent Z-scores of the enriched functions; blue bars represent number of genes implicated in enriched function); D: functional interaction network of the AHR-related expression profile in CML hematopoietic progenitors (CD34<sup>+</sup>CD38<sup>low</sup>): functional relation connecting gene to function were extracted from Biological Process Gene Ontology Database (circle nodes: enriched genes; octagon nodes: enriched functions; color scale from yellow to purple: Z-scores of the functional enrichment).</p>