The linker region of DRE2 coordinates protein-protein interactions in the CIA pathway.

(A-B) Interactions of DRE2, DRE2Δ6, DRE2-3 and DRE2Δ75 with TAH18, NBP35 and GRXS17 as determined by Y2H assays. Yeast cells harboring different fusion protein combinations (listed at the left) in pGBK-T7 (BD) and pGAD-T7 (AD) vectors were plated on medium lacking Leu, Trp (SD-TL), medium lacking Leu, Trp and His (SD-TLH) and medium lacking Leu, Trp, His and Ade (SD-TLHA) (A) or SD-TLH medium with 1 mM 3AT (B).