The distribution patterns of binding motifs for co-occurring SF motifs vary among different SF pairs.

2017-11-09T19:01:14Z (GMT) by June H. Tan Andrew G. Fraser
<p>(A-B) Binding motifs for EXC-7 and SUP-12, and for FOX-1/ASD-1 and EXC-7 were more likely to be conserved across <i>Caenorhabditis</i> species if they were found closer together. The proportions of motif pairs where both motifs were conserved across species were plotted cumulatively, where pairs of motifs with inter-motif distances less than or equal to the x-axis values were included at each point. The black horizontal line represents the proportion of conserved motifs among all considered motif pairs. (C) While the distances between EXC-7 and MEC-8 recognition motifs fall within a wide range, the relative position of the EXC-7 motif as being upstream of the MEC-8 motif is conserved in other <i>Caenorhabditis</i> species. For each AS event with co-occurring EXC-7 and MEC-8 binding motifs, the position of a MEC-8 recognition motif was plotted at 0 on the x-axis of the density plot and the position of the co-occurring EXC-7 motif was plotted relative to that. A positive value indicates positioning of an EXC-7 motif downstream of a MEC-8 motif, while a negative value indicates positioning of an EXC-7 motif upstream of a MEC-8 motif. Significance was calculated using a binomial test (* = p < 0.05).</p>