The cycling regulatory cascades of cell division are robust under biased asynchronous update.

<p>(A) Dynamics of regulatory molecule expression / activity during cell cycle entry from G0 using biased asynchronous update. <i>X</i>-<i>axis</i>: time-steps; <i>y</i>-axis: nodes organized in modules; <i>orange/blue</i>: ON/OFF. (B) Occurrence rate of normal cell cycle completion (<i>mustard</i>), G2 → G1 reset followed by genome duplication (<i>purple</i>), aberrant mitosis followed by genome duplication (<i>turquoise</i>), failed cytokinesis followed by genome duplication (<i>blue</i>) and apoptosis (<i>dark red</i>) per 100 timesteps, shown as stacked bar charts for increasing growth factor / <i>Trail</i> exposure (<i>left</i>/<i>right</i>) with random order asynchronous / biased asynchronous / synchronous update (<i>top</i>/<i>middle</i>/<i>bottom</i>).</p>