The course of infection in PsSP9-immunized BALB/c mice after challenge with L. tropica plus Ph. sergenti SGH.

BALB/c mice (ten mice per group) were immunized in the right ear three times at two-week intervals with Ph. sergenti SGH, plasmid encoding PsSP9, empty plasmid (VR1020) or PBS. Two weeks after the last immunization, mice were challenged with metacyclic L. tropica plus Ph. sergenti SGH in the contralateral ear. Data shown are from one representative of two independent experiments. (A) The course of nodule development was monitored weekly by measuring ear thickness. Bars represent the means ± SD). (B) Disease burden was calculated as the area under the curve (AUC) obtained from (A). Ear parasite loads were determined at (C) one and (D) two months post-infection by Real-Time PCR (four to five mice per group). The p value in A, C and D are indicated for each vaccinated group compared with control plasmid group (VR1020) and the p value in B is indicated for each groups compared with PsSP9 plasmid group.