The Zn(II) metal binding pocket of holo-ZitRMG dimer.

Only the protomer A is shown in green. Zn(II) atoms are represented as small green spheres and their ligands as ball-and-sticks, with their N, O and S atoms respectively colored in blue, red and yellow. (A) Electron density map of the whole Zn(II) binding pocket. 2Fo-Fc contoured at 1.0σ is displayed as a cyan mesh. Internuclear Zn(II)-Zn(II) distance is indicated close to a grey dashed line between Zn(II) atoms. (B) Zn(II) binding site 1 and (C) Zn(II) binding site 2. Coordination bonds are represented as green dashed lines. A grey dashed line is shown between a residue atom and a Zn(II) atom when their distance is ≥ 3 Å.