TGF-β R1 inhibitors SB431542 and GW788388 attenuate duct ligation-induced upregulation of fibrosis markers.

RT-PCR analysis of 7 day ligated and contralateral unligated control SMGs shows significant attenuation of 7 day duct ligation-induced collagen 1 and fibronectin mRNA upregulation in mice treated with either SB431542 (20 mg/kg mouse weight) or GW788388 (2 mg/kg mouse weight), as compared to DMSO-treated controls. Data represent means ± S.E.M. (n = 6 for DMSO, n = 6 for SB431542, n = 5 for GW788388), where *P<0.05 and ***P<0.001 indicate significant differences in mRNA expression, as compared to DMSO-treated controls.