Subset of large multiple sequence alignment.

Contains 11 novel pLGIC sequences from bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes. GLIC, nematode GluCl, mouse serotonin, and human GABAA β3 receptors are included for comparison. Residues are colored by type according to the ClustalX scheme. Unconserved regions are hidden and indicated by blue, vertical lines. Species names are abbreviated in the figure. Bacteria: Gloeobacter violaceus, Crocosphaera watsonii, Synechococcus sp., archaea: Thaumarchaeota archaeon, Methanobacterium formicicum, Nitrososphaera viennensis, eukaryotes: Capsaspora owczarzarki, Monosiga brevicollis, Pythium ultimum, Stylonychia lemnae.