Structures and activity in fluorometric assays of HC-070 and HC-608.

The chemical structures of (A) HC-070 and (B) HC-608 (Pico145). (C) Inhibition of hTRPC5 by HC-070 and HC-608 in indicator-assisted calcium influx analysis. Concentrations tested ranged from 1 picomolar (pM) to 1 μM. Each data point represents the average of 8 measurements from a 384-well plate. Error bars show the standard deviation. The IC50 values were 9.3 ± 0.9 and 6.2 ± 0.5 nanomolar (nM), respectively. (D) Inhibition of hTRPC4 by HC-070 and HC-608 over the same range of concentrations. The IC50 values were 46.0 ± 3.9 nM and 32.5 ± 1.8 nM, respectively (n = 8). Error bars represent the standard deviation.