Structure of holo-ZitRMG dimer.

(A) Overall structure. Protomers A and B of ZitRMG dimer, represented in ribbon, are colored in dark and light green respectively, and their N- and C-terminus are indicated. Zn(II) atoms are shown as small green spheres. Helices and strands are labelled. The dimerization interface, each wHTH DNA-binding domain and each metal-binding pocket are indicated by different forms colored in grey, respectively a polygon, a rectangle and a circle. (B) Close view of dimer interface. Protomers A and B of ZitRMG dimer are shown as in Fig 2A. Residues involved in dimerization are labelled and represented in ball-and-sticks, with N atoms colored in blue and O atoms in red. Hydrogen bonds are shown as dashed lines, either in black in most cases or in red when they involve main chain atoms.