Sprint is essential for the starvation-sensitivity phenotype of vap.

The genetic relationship between vap and spri mutants was evaluated using the starvation-sensitivity set up as in Fig 5 and S4 Fig. Females of indicated genotypes were used to record for survival upon complete nutritional deprivation at 25°C. The strong sensitivity to starvation of vap2 mutants is suppressed when combined to the spri6G1-null mutants (white arrow). Thus, Spri acts after Vap. When in the vap mutant context, spri heterozygous flies (vap-/-, spri-/+) shows midway suppression (grey arrow), and thus dosage effect of spri+. Single mutant spri6G1 or double mutant vap2, spri6G1 has greater resistance than control. Male genotypes resulted in all the same effects. Genotypes. Control females: w1118/ w1118. vap2/ vap2. spri6G1/spri6G1. Assay females: vap2, spri6G1/ vap2, spri6G1. vap2, spri6G1/ vap2, +.