SMN protein levels in PBMCs and fibroblasts from patients and controls and effect of <i>SMN2</i> copy numbers.

<p>Mean SMN protein levels are higher in controls compared to patients. SMN protein levels in PBMCs did not differ significantly between patients with 2, 3, 4 or 5 <i>SMN2</i> copies (p = 0.06). Higher <i>SMN2</i> copy number is associated with higher levels of SMN protein in fibroblasts (p = 0.01). Boxplot elements represent: median (line in the middle), 1<sup>st</sup> en 3<sup>rd</sup> quartile (bottom and top of the box), highest case with 1.5 time inter-quartile range (bottom and top whisker) and outliers (dots).</p>