Representative ORG and CONV log10 RPKM ratio Manhattan plot representations of expression values across S. lycopersicum chromosomes.

Every bar is indicative of the log10 expression ratio of Fruit and Leaf ORG RPKM values over Fruit and Leaf CONV RPKM values. Trendlines with slope equations indicate propensity of treatment activated loci across the chromosome. Chromosome graph lengths are not indicative of chromosome length. Red bars indicate a higher log10 ratio in the CONV treatment and blue bars indicate higher expression in the ORG treatment at any given position on the chromosome. Trend lines were graphed to indicate a predominance of chromosomal activity either in the ORG treatment (positive y-intercept value) or in the CONV treatment (negative y-intercept value). All 12 mapped chromosomes can be found in S3 Fig. 12 read files, representing three cDNA libraries across each of the two tissue and two treatment types were used for mapping purposes.