RT-qPCR assays of <i>PKS8-1</i> cluster genes in overexpression transformants of the <i>aflR</i>-like gene and vector controls relative to wild-type expression in culture.

<p>The wild type, two transformants of vector control (VC-1, VC-2), and two transformants of the <i>aflR</i>-like transcription factor overexpression (OX-4, OX-8) were grown in PDB medium. RT-qPCR assays were performed on these samples for the <i>PKS8-1</i> cluster genes. Fold-change gene expression is shown on a log scale relative to wild type set to 1. Error bars indicate standard error from six biological replicates. Dotted bar: wild type; hatched bars: vector controls; black bars: overexpression strains.</p>