Principal component analysis of variables describing relationship with positivity to L5P in samples of children at risk for T1D.

Bi-plot illustrates correlation between levels of anti-L5P Abs and variables relative to T1D genetic predisposition, available demographics data and titers of Abs against MAP-derived homologous peptides: MAP3865c133–141 (Msh1); MAP3865c125-133 (Msh2); MAP2404c70-85 (M1); MAP1,4αgbp157-173 (M2); ZnT8186-194 (Z1); ZnT8178-186 (Z2); PI64-80 (P1) and PI46-61 (P2). Children reactive to L5P antigen are indicated by squares whereas circles correspond to negative samples. All variables are described by labels and their position on the plot is indicated by triangles. The distribution shows relationship between PC1 and PC2 explaining 67.67% of the total variation. Only samples of children with known HLA genotype are included.