Predicted (Red) versus actual (Black) solvent accessible surface area (ASA) of an RNA along with its structure colored coded for accessibility.

<p>Results of a corresponding random sequence (randomly shuffled from the original sequence) were shown in Blue. (A) Lysine-tRNA from <i>E</i>. <i>coli</i> (PDB: 5IB8, chain: 1K), (B) 5S RNA from <i>Thermus thermophilus</i> (PDB: 5IB8, chain: 16) and (C) <i>E coli’s</i> mRNA in the same complex (PDB: 5IB8, chain: 4L) Experimental structures were color-coded according to the relative ASA: 5+ for Red, 4 for Orange, 3 for Yellow, 2 for Green and 1 for Blue.</p>