Phylogenetic tree of 48 predicted LHCs from the <i>T</i>. <i>oceanica</i> genome (CCMP 1005) aligned with 41 LHCs from <i>T</i>. <i>pseudonana</i> (CCMP 1335).

<p>Boxed THAOC LHCs have been identified at the protein level in this study. LHCs in grey shaded boxes with bold, black letters are significantly down-regulated and those in black shaded boxes with bold, white letters are significantly up-regulated in response to low Cu in TO03. The only significantly regulated LHC in TO05 is THAOC_08587 (up), which aligns closest to TpFCP7 (<a href="" target="_blank">Table 2</a>). Numbers on nodes are based on PhyML alertSH, aBayes, and standard bootstrap (100 replicates) and are expressed as percentages. Bootstrap values below 65% are not shown.</p>