Phylogenetic inferences of Omp33-36 porins among A. baumannii.

An ML phylogenetic tree was constructed from the Omp33-36 amino acid sequences available in the NCBI database. The corresponding Omp33-36 variant type (1–4) is indicated and given in bold. The representatives of variants 1–4 were 10061 (Omp33-36 from a Serbian A. baumannii strain [22]), 813 (Omp33-36 from Serbian A. baumannii strain used in this study), WP 049081387 (a putative A. baumannii porin from the NCBI database) and WP_000731727 (a putative A. baumannii porin from the NCBI database), respectively. The percentage of 1000 bootstrap resamples supporting the different clusters are indicated at the bifurcations (only bootstrap results above 70% are reported).