Ofd1 localization in rat retina and expression in retinal cell lines.

(A) Representative confocal images of endogenous OFD1 with rod photoreceptor marker Rhodopsin, cone photoreceptor marker PNA (Peanut Agglutinin), and cilium transition zone marker Tmem231, respectively. Ofd1 immunostaining partially overlapped with photoreceptor outer segments of the retina in 2-week postnatal SD rat. Negative control: immunostaining without primary antibody incubation. Magnification 600× under confocal microscopy. Scale bar: 50μm. (B) Ofd1 mRNA expression level in retina cell lines: ARPE-19, R28 and rMC-1detected by qRT-PCR. (C) Ofd1 protein expression level rMC-1 examined using Western blotting analysis. These results confirmed that Ofd1 was expressed in these cell lines. ARPE-19: human retinal pigment epithelial immortalized cell. R28: rat retinal progenitor neuronal cell. rMC-1: immortalized retinal Müller cell. For quantification results, three replicates were performed but only one band for three representative samples per group was shown.