Neuronal apoptosis in the brains of focal cerebral ischemia/reperfusion rats as shown by TUNEL assay.

A, B, C, D, E, and F represent the sham group, the VT group, the rLj-RGD3 100.0 μg·kg-1 group, the rLj-RGD3 50.0 μg·kg-1 group, the Edaravone 1.5 mg·kg-1 group, and the Eptifibatide 100.0 μg·kg-1 group, respectively. Neuronal apoptosis was not observed in the sham group. In contrast, a significant amount of neuronal apoptosis was observed in the VT group. Neuronal apoptosis was lower in all drug administration groups than in the VT group. Moreover, neuronal apoptosis was markedly lower in the high-dose group (rLj-RGD3 100.0 μg·kg-1) than in the other pretreatment groups.