Mitochondrial DNA control region diagnostic sites.

<p>Diagnostic sites separating south-east Australian <i>Tursiops australis</i> sp. nov. (Burru) and <i>T. truncatus</i> (CRTT) for mtDNA control region, 418 base sequence. <i>Tursiops australis</i> sp. nov. holotype given as the reference sequence. Twenty-one samples identified eight unique haplotypes, three <i>Tursiops australis</i> sp. nov. and five <i>T. truncatus</i>, defined by 30 variable sites (25 transition substitutions, 5 transversion substitutions and one single based insertion/deletion); with the inclusion of four additional <i>T. australis</i> haplotypes (*) from Charlton et al. (2006). Ten diagnosable fixed site differences were found between the species.</p>