Michaelis−Menten kinetics of dansylcadaverine and N,N-dimethylcasein conjugation by human FXIIIa in the presence of NSGM 13.

The initial rate of conjugation at (A) various dansylcadaverine concentrations (0–750 μM) and fixed dimethylcasein concentration (5 mg/mL) or (B) various dimethylcasein concentrations (0–5 mg/mL) and fixed dansylcadaverine concentration (250 μM) was measured spectrofluorometrically in pH 8.0 buffer at 37°C. Solid lines represent nonlinear regressional fits to the data by the standard Michaelis− Menten Eq 4 to yield KM and VMAX. See details in Materials and Methods.