Mfap1 can be found in a complex with TDP-43.

The indicated GFP-tagged Mfap1 constructs (or GFP only as a control) were cotransfected with HA-tagged TDP-43 plasmids into S2 cells and immunoprecipitated with antibodies against GFP. Precipitates were analysed by Western blotting with GFP antibodies to detect GFP fusion proteins, or HA antibodies to detect coprecipitated HATDP-43. (A) Coimmunoprecipitation of HATDP-43 with Mfap1-GFP.(B) Coimmunoprecipitations of HATDP-43 with GFP-Mfap11-229 or GFP-Mfap1230-478. (C) Coimmunoprecipitation of HATDP-43 lacking the glycine-rich region (HATDP-43 Δgly) with Mfap1-GFP. For better comparison, these lanes are from the same blot and exposure as the experiment in (A). (D) Schematic summary of Mfap1 domain interactions. GFP bands in Mfap1-GFP samples are likely due to partial proteolysis after lysis.