Map of Panama, depicting anopheline collection sites, provinces, and comarcas.

2006–2007 collection sites = black circles; 2008–2015 collection sites = grey squares; provinces = white; comarcas = grey. Yellow star indicates location of Panama City. Each province and comarca is labeled. BOC = Bocas del Toro; CHI = Chirquí, CNB = Comarca Ngöbe-Buglé, VER = Veraguas; HER = Herrera; LST = Los Santos; COC = Coclé, COL = Colón; PAN = Panamá, CKY = Comarca Kuna Yala; CKM = Comarca Kuna de Madungandí; CKW = Comarca Kuna de Wargandí, CEM = Comarca Embera-Wounaan; DAR = Darién. CKM is a territory within PAN province; CKW is a territory within DAR province. Insets depict details in northern BOC and in southwestern DAR provinces. Panama GIS shapefile obtained from STRI [30].