Loss of ATP synthase restores growth of Hda deficient cells.

A) The hda::cat mutation was introduced into wild-type,ΔatpA and ΔatpB cells under anaerobic conditions, restreaked on LB plates and incubated under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. B) Wild-type, atpA, atpB, atpA hda and atpB hda mutants cells were grown exponentially in AB medium supplemented with 0.2% glucose and 0.5% casamino acids and treated with rifampicin and cephalexin prior to flow cytometric analysis. Each panel represents a minimum of 30000 cells. The average ori/cell (O/C), ori/mass (O/M) relative to wild-type and mass doubling time (τ) are inserted in the histograms. C) The cellular ori/ter ratio were determined by qPCR analysis. Shown is the mean ± s.d (n = 3),* = p<0.05.