Localization of CNNM-1 and CNNM-3 at the basolateral membrane of intestinal cells.

(A) Fluorescent images of wild-type L1 larvae with cnnm-1p::GFP or cnnm-3p::GFP. Areas of neurons and intestines showing strong GFP signals are marked. Bar, 30 μm. (B) Quantification of sterile phenotype in wild-type, cnnm-1; cnnm-3 mutants, and cnnm-1; cnnm-3 mutants expressing either CNNM-1 or CNNM-3 under the control of the promoters for intestinal (ges-1p) or pan-neuronal (aex-3p) markers. More than 50 worms were analyzed for each genotype. (C) Fluorescent images of intestinal cells from wild-type L1 larvae expressing the Venus-fusion proteins of CNNM-1 or CNNM-3 (left). Schematic representation of the intestinal cell plasma membranes are also shown (right). Apical and basolateral membranes are indicated by dotted and solid lines, respectively. Bar, 10 μm.