Lipid accumulation was not affected by deficiency of macrophage CD40.

(A) Liver weight (n = 16 for HFD and n = 7 for SFD) (B) Quantification of oil-red-o stained area in the liver (n = 16 for HFD and n = 7 for SFD). (C) Liver TG levels (n = 6-9/group). (D) Liver total cholesterol levels (n = 6-9/group). (E) Representative pictures of ORO staining of the livers. (F) Histopathological score of liver steatosis (n = 16/group). (G). Plasma ALT levels (n = 7-9/group). (H). Plasma AST levels (n = 7-9/group). (I) mRNA expression of liver lipid metabolism genes (n = 7-10/group). Data is presented as mean ± SEM. N.D. means ‘not detectable’.