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Influence shift diagram of Buzznet, containing n = 101, 163 nodes and m = 2, 763, 066 edges.

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posted on 24.10.2018 by Chen Avin, Zvi Lotker, David Peleg, Yvonne-Anne Pignolet, Itzik Turkel

, for the balance point k = 3, 472. (a) Using the node-normalized scale, the balance point k = 3.4% is far to the left and it is hard to study how the core and periphery influence each other around it. (b) In the plot with the normalized influence scale (under the edge-based interpretation) the balance point is right at the center, while the third plot with a logarithmic scale (c) hints at the asymptotic behavior k = n0.707. The balance point is marked by a grey line and the red dot marks the maximum number of crossing edges.