Host immunity, nutrition and coinfection alter longitudinal infection patterns of schistosomes in a free ranging African buffalo population - Fig 1

Schistosomes were highly aggregated (as measured by CAA level in pg/ml) with the majority of animals exhibiting very low levels (A). In fact, only 6.5% of hosts harbored approximately 50% of the worms (B). The percent of hosts needed to account for 25, 50 and 75% of the CAA level was calculated for each season and year (eg. wet 2009, dry 2009, wet 2010, dry 2010, etc) and each data point graphed here as mean +/- standard error (SEM). Schistosome burden increased with age (C) and the variability also increased (D). For variability, the coefficient of variation was calculated on CAA level for all individuals within a given year of age.