High basal spontaneous apoptosis in AD-iPSCs is caspase dependent.

(A) Pictures were taken 24 h after daily changing medium. (a-b) AD-iPSCs as a control with a lot of dead cells in the supernatant after 24 h in two different magnifications in contrast to iPSCs pretreated with 10 μm caspase inhibitor (c-d). (B) Employing FACS analysis the apoptosis (percentage of sub-G1 cells) was determined by cell cycle analysis in AD-iPSCs pretreated with 10 μm caspase inhibitor (QVD-oph) for 2 h and 24 h. After pretreatment of AD-iPSCs with QVD-oph basal apoptotic cells decreased significantly compared to iPSCs without QVD-oph. (C) In support to our FACS analysis, apoptosis was quantified by determination of DNA fragmentation using ELISA cell death detection kit.