Expression profile of mean RPKM values of Nitrite Assimilation components in Fruit and Leaf tissue.

A. Chloroplast isoform of glutamine synthetase (cpGS) and glutamate synthase (GOGAT) RPKM and ΔΔCq values. B. RPKM values for two isoforms of Nitrate Reductase (nii1 and NiR) C. Identified homolog of plastidial nitrite transporter (NITR2). D. RPKM values for cytosolic isoform 1 of glutamine synthetase. Table of annotations and accession numbers from Sol Genomics ITAG3.2. Error bars denote the standard error of sequenced expression values, or in the case of cpGS and GOGAT RT-qPCR ΔΔCq values, between 3 biological replicates and at least 3 technical replicates.