Expression of the sialidase and selected hyaluronidase genes in the wild-type, mutant and complemented strains.

<p>RNA was isolated from cells grown in TPYG broth for 4 h, which corresponds to exponential growth phase. The relative expression of the <i>nanI</i>, <i>nanJ</i>, <i>nagJ</i> and <i>nagL</i> (A) and <i>nagK</i> (B) genes was determined by QRT-PCR. Expression levels are relative to the expression of the housekeeping gene <i>rpoA</i> and are the average of three independent biological replicates (± SEM). The asterisk (*) denotes a statistically significant difference (<i>p</i>≤0.05) as calculated using the student’s t-test.</p>