Examination of putative genes, all encoded on pOLA52, pIS15_43 and pIS04_68 that might influence the biofilm or motility behavior of the bacterial host.

Bottom: CV biofilm assay. E. coli harboring constructs with the mrkABCDF cassette (mrk) formed more biofilm than those without but no difference was found among the biofilm formers (Error bars denote ±SEM, n = 3). Middle: swimming motility assay. Pictures were taken after 8h or 16h at 37°C. No differences were found (all swam equal distances, ++) with the exception of the negative control MG1655 ΔflhD (did not swim, −). MG1655 was used a positive control for swimming (not shown). Top: CR assay. Pictures were taken after 2 days at 30°C. No differences were found (equal amounts of CR was bound, ++) with the exception of pRham-Prhamxeal for which less CR was bound by the colony (+). Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA14 and P. aeruginosa PA14 Δpel were used as positive and negative controls, respectively (not shown).