Evaluation of the clonogenic potential of day-4 FICZ-cultured CML CD34+ cells.

A significant reduction of leukemic clonogenic potential was observed with a synergistic profile of FICZ with Imatinib (p = 0.0309, Panel A) and Dasatinib (p = 0.0292. (Panel B). Similarly, in three patients, LTC-IC assays started using 3-day FICZ-treated cells showed a significant growth inhibition of LTC-IC-derived clonogenic progenitors without synergistic profile with Imatinib. (Panel C). n = 3 experiments. CFC: Colony forming cells; IM: Imatinib; DASA: Dasatinib; DMSO: Dimethysulfoxide condition in which cells were cultured in the presence of DMSO at 0.01%.