Estimated breath of guinea pig sera.

A. FP-directed neutralizing antibodies cluster together with similar neutralization fingerprints [22] as assessed on 208 strains. Vaccine-elicited antibodies are shown in italics with FP-directed antibodies highlighted in red. B. Correlation of breadths for FP-directed antibodies on 60-strain panel versus 208-strain panel. 95% CI of slope ranges from 0.4604 to 0.6112. C. Guinea pig serum neutralization breadth on 60-strain panel and predicted breadth on 208-strain panel based on correlation in B, with ID50 shown in S4 Table. Predicted breadths are shown with 95% CI in parentheses. Sufficient sera were available to allow neutralization characterization with only the three animals shown. D. Neutralization fingerprints cluster together [22] for guinea pig sera (CGP701-1, CGP701-2, CGP701-5, highlighted in blue) and FP-directed neutralizing antibodies (highlighted in red) when assessed on a 60-strain panel. Notably, the vaccine-elicited antibodies and sera (shown in italics) cluster as a separate subgroup.