Effects of PGAs on AQP1 level in rabbit ciliary epithelium.

Thirty μl of Lumigan (Bima, A) or Xalatan (Latan, B) was administered unilaterally to rabbit eyes (qd) continuously for 5 days; NS (control) was administered contralaterally. Rabbits were then sacrificed 8 h after the last dosing, and the eyes were enucleated, then ciliary body sections were prepared and immunostained with antibody against AQP1 and IgG conjugated with FITC. Arrows indicate the ciliary epithelium. Scale bar, 100 μm. (C) Quantification of fluorescence intensity. Fluorescence intensity was measured using IPP 6.0 System to determine the means integrated option density to express the relative protein level. The results were expressed as means±SD (n = 3). *, p<0.05, compared with control.