Eco-social Model 3 for Management and Exploitation Areas for Benthic Resources (MAEBRs), Open Access Areas (OAAs), and sustainable scenario (SS).

2017-04-28T17:43:47Z (GMT) by Marco Ortiz Richard Levins
<p><i>D</i> = demand, <i>F</i> = fishers, <i>X</i> = macroalgae, <i>Y</i> = herbivores, and p(λ) = characteristic polynomial. The community (Jacob-Levins) matrix with the semi-quantitative effect of <i>j</i> variable to <i>i</i> variable and the Hessian matrix are shown. The local stability measures of Routh-Hurwitz and Levins (<i>Fn</i>) criteria for MEABRs, OAAs and sustainable scenarios are also summarized. First criterion (1°C) describes stability condition of the system, the second criterion (2°C) determine asymptotic or oscillation condition. The <i>Fn</i> is defined by holistic sustainability [<a href="" target="_blank">25</a>].The assumptions included were changes in the self-dynamic (damped ‘-‘ [small circle] and/or enhanced ‘+’ [small arrow]) for fishers, macroalgae and herbivores.</p>