Deletion of the phosphatidylserine synthase gene <i>CHO1</i> rescues copper sensitivity of the <i>sur7Δ</i> mutant.

2019-01-11T18:38:04Z (GMT) by Lois M. Douglas James B. Konopka
<p>(A) Dilutions of cells were spotted onto minimal synthetic medium in the absence or presence of 3 mM CuSO<sub>4</sub> and incubated for 48 hr at 30°C. (B) The indicated cell types were incubated in water (- Cu) or 10 μM CuSO<sub>4</sub> (+ Cu) for 2 hr at 37°C and then stained with SYTOX Green. The bars represent the average of at least 4 independent assays and error bars indicate SD. * indicates P < 0.02 by t test comparison. Strains used were wild type control DIC185, <i>cho1Δ</i> (YLD222-74 and YLD222-75), <i>sur7Δ</i> (YJA11), and <i>sur7Δ cho1Δ</i> (YLD221-5 and YLD221-6).</p>