Cytokine profile expression in the dLN of mice immunized with selected plasmids 48 h after Ph. sergenti SGH injection.

BALB/c mice (six mice per group) were intradermally injected in the right ear three times at two week intervals with plasmids encoding one of the five Ph. sergenti salivary proteins (10μg), Ph. sergenti salivary gland homogenate (SGH, 0.5 pair), empty plasmid (VR1020, 10μg) or PBS alone in total volume of 10 μl. Two weeks after the last immunization, the contralateral ear was intradermally challenged with 0.5 pairs of Ph. sergenti SGH. Data shown are from one representative of two independent experiments. (A) IFN-γ, (B) IL-5 and (C) the ratio of IFN-γ to IL-5 mRNA expression in the dLN of BALB/c mice immunized with PsSP9, PsSP40, PsSP41, PsSP44, PsSP52, empty plasmid, and PBS 48 h after challenge with Ph. sergenti SGH were analyzed. The obtained results were normalized to the expression level of HPRT. These data are presented as fold change relative to the PBS control. The p value is indicated for each immunized group compared to the control plasmid group (VR1020).