Cross-dataset high level functional landscape.

This heatmap displays associations between gene coexpression modules and biological processes across all the datasets. Color denotes enrichment of a given module with a biological process: hypergeometric log p-value after Benjamini-Hochberg adjustment. Cluster height reflects how many interrelated processes are associated with the given module set: the higher a cluster–the broader is the module-associated functional theme. Cluster width reflects how many modules are sharing this function: the wider a cluster–the more frequently this function is found in the GEO datasets. For major clusters, key biological themes are subscribed. The heatmap includes 1,240 biological processes and 668 modules, which were selected as follows. A GO process was included if it’s associated 3 or more coexpression modules (P < 0.001). A module was included if it’s enriched with 3 or more biological process terms (P < 0.001).