Correlation of protein and RNA expression changes during Th17 and iTreg cell differentiation.

Venn diagram showing the comparison of DE proteins with corresponding transcripts and DE transcripts with encoded detected proteins in comparison of Th17 and Th0 cells (a) or iTreg versus Thp cells (b). Scatterplot of proteins that were observed in proteomic and transcriptomic comparison of Th17 versus Th0 cell (a) or iTreg versus Thp cells (b). The lists of detected proteins and transcripts in Th17 versus Th0 cells and in iTreg versus Thp cells are in S4 Data. Ahr, aryl hydrocarbon receptor; Cnot2, CCR4-NOT transcription complex subunit 2; Coa6, cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor 6; DE, differentially expressed; Eno3, enolase 3; Foxo1, forkhead box O1; Foxp3, forkhead box P3; Gimap5, GTPase IMAP family member 5; Il17f, interleukin 17F; Isg15, interferon-stimulated gene 15; iTreg, induced regulatory T; Psmb5, proteasome subunit beta 5; Rorc, retinoic acid receptor–related orphan receptor C; Th0, T cell receptor–activated helper T; Th17, T helper 17; Thp, naïve CD4+ T.