Correlation of failure to burrow, tunnel, and survive to adulthood, with tracheal fluid-filling in lov hemizygous genotypes.

Data for the experimental and control genotypes as in Fig 3 in a lov hemizygous background. All data were generated and shown as in Fig 3, except that in (a) the quantitated tunneling areas are normalized to the value of lov91Y-Gal4 /+. P values, Student’s t-test, * = P< 0.01, ** = P<0.00001, compared to the lov91Y -Gal4 /+ control. Note i) in the hemizygous condition, lov91Y -Gal4 /lov def > lov RNAi larvae fail to tunnel and ii) lov91Y -Gal4 /lov def larvae show reduced tunneling despite having air-filled tracheae.