Contrasting effects of copper limitation on the photosynthetic apparatus in two strains of the open ocean diatom <i>Thalassiosira oceanica</i> - Fig 4

<p><b>A, Representative sequence alignment of predicted LHCs from <i>Thalassiosira oceanica</i> (THAOC, CCMP 1005) and <i>T</i>. <i>pseudonana</i> (Tp, CCMP 1335)</b>: boxes indicate conserved residues; dotted lines show linkage between helix I and III; bold residues are predicted binding sites for Chl molecules. <b>B, Cartoon of the predicted general LHC structure (grey) comprised of three membrane spanning helices within the thylakoid membrane (orange) and the lumenal N-terminus and stromal C-terminus [</b><a href="" target="_blank">80</a><b>]</b>.</p>