Competition between interchromosomal and intrachromosomal donors.

<p>(A) Scheme for DSB repair in diploid strains. The DSB could be repaired by gene conversion using an ectopic intrachromosomal <i>LEU2</i> sequence, an allelic <i>leu2</i>-<i>Kpn</i>I sequence, or the homologous sequence outside of the <i>leu2</i>-<i>Kpn</i>I. Each outcome is revealed by <i>Kpn</i>I-digestion of the indicated PCR fragments, yielding respectively 3, 2 and 1 fragments, as illustrated in (C). (B) Usage of ectopic and allelic donors assessed from 31 colonies of individual recombinants in YWW210 (58% intrachromosomal donor usage assessed in pooled cells from <a href="" target="_blank">S5 Fig</a> and 85% viability in haploid strain from <a href="" target="_blank">Fig 1</a>). (C) Three types of possible outcomes for individual repair events revealed by <i>Kpn</i>I-digestion: (1) repair from intrachromosomal <i>LEU2</i>; (2) allelic repair without <i>URA3</i> co-conversion; (3) allelic repair with <i>URA3</i> co-conversion.</p>