Change of location of C2’s β7-β8 loop occurs in both Gαi1myr:AC5 and free AC5 systems and a significant difference is observed between RMSD values of free AC5 and Gαi1myr:AC5 for the C2 domain.

(A) Graph of the distances between the Cα atom of Gly1246 (green dot in image B) and the Cα atoms of Ala483 (red dot in image B) and Asn630 (orange dot in image B). (B) β7-β8 loop’s relocation in the free AC5 system (purple), the Gαi1myr:AC5 complex (cyan) and PDB structure 1AZS (yellow). The location of the residues used in image A are assigned according to the Gαi1myr:AC5 structure. (C) Root-mean-square deviations of the backbone of the C1 and the C2 domain. In the RMSD calculation the residues between 463 to 644 were taken into account for the C1 domain and the residues between 1065 to 1135 and 1145 to 1257 were used for the C2 domain.