Cell morphology affects plasma membrane permeabilization by copper.

2019-01-11T18:38:04Z (GMT) by Lois M. Douglas James B. Konopka

Log phase cells were incubated in a solution of 10 μM CuSO4 for 2 hr at 37°C and then stained with SYTOX Green. (A) A greater percentage of large sur7Δ cells (≥ 7 μm) stained compared to those of normal size. (B) More budded sur7Δ cells stained with SYTOX Green than unbudded cells.(C) Representative photographs of SYTOX Green stained sur7Δ cells with arrows indicating large cells (>7 μm; upper right panel). Some cells of normal size also stained. Budded cells that stained are shown in the lower right panel. DIC images appear on left. The graphs represent averages of four independent experiments performed on different days. Strains included wild type DIC185 and sur7Δ (YJA11).